20 Tips to prepare for CBSE Net Exam 2018

UGC NET Exam is a national level exam we already know this conducted by CBSE on behalf of University Grant Commission. Any post graduate with 55% is eligible to apply. This test enables post graduate students to qualify for university level teaching jobs in India and also able to seek admission in Ph.D level programmes. You should know this that both skill and will are vital inputs to crack the exam. Though exam itself may not very tough but yes competition is tough. Only 15% of top ranking candidates are picked, subject and category wise.

Tips and Techniques for CBSE NET Exam 2018

  • The reference to past questions helps in analyzing the exam pattern and identification of important topics. Take the help of seniors and teachers.



  • Gaining familiarity with syllabus is a must. As all papers are objective now and do not leave out any topics.
  • Prioritizing the subject is now crucial as almost every subject of of your PG course is there. You need to have complete hold over your subject as you can score very well. While focusing your attention on subject papers start preparing for general awareness test by solving sample papers.
  • Making personal notes help alot. Theses notes work as a a kind of “ready reckoner” once the exam is nearing fast.
  • In general go for big page notebook or register  registers, divide the page into three columns – on the left hand side, write main topics, titles, serial number etc, the middle column is for the main flow of the topic, and right hand side for any addition, updations, references etc.
  • There is a need to concentrate on improving the quality of your preparation, which means you can concentrate more on zeroing down on what exactly has to be studied.
  • Last but not the least, be confident and positive. Confidence is the outcome of your degree of preparation.

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