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How do I start preparing for the GATE 2019?

GATE preparation is increasing year by year and passing percentage is less. Due tot his the students prepare for their exam from second year onwards.

Self Study GATE Preparation Tip

  1. Collect complete GATE Syllabus
  2. Point out the most import subjects weightage wise.
  3. Point out the most important topics.
  4. Make schedule
  5. Learn,study when you are most effective in a day or night.
  6. Start with easy and best known subjects.
  7. Prepare for General Aptitude and Mathematics
  8. Study standard book on GATE
  9. Revise whatever you study
  10. Take online test series , mini gate exam, mock test etc
  11. Practice all previous year question paper
  12. Revise at the end
  13. Habit to practise as much as you can


More Facts

First up, get a copy of GATE Syllabus for your stream of engineering, This is sound clinched but it is a important step. Always stick to the syllabus during your preparation. If you intend to join a coaching class for GATE then you will have access to focused study material and test as well as competitive atmosphere. Following whatever is being taught in class and sincerely solving the assignments and tests with the help of you do well in the exam.

If you intend to prepare on your own then begin by getting the standard text books for all core subjects of your branch and also NPTEL lectures for the same. Follow the books and video lectures various websites. These notes may concise and must help you revise the the subjects quickly during later part of your preparation. Solve the problem available in the text book as this will help you grasp the fundamentals. Once you have finished your subject solve all previous year question papers. This will help you get familiarised with the type and level of problem asked in GATE. Pay special attention to engineering mathematics and general aptitude as these subjects have about 30% weightage and they are subjects where you can score easily.

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