If GATE Biotechology is your target, this is a must Read!

Once you have decided to take up GATE exam and read important information related to it, you are ready to go with the preparation. You can divide the whole process in few steps and every individual student who aced the GATE will follow these in one or the other way. These are just simple guidelines but most important thing is your decision and dedication if you go through these steps.

  • Buy a copy of previous year question paper if possible with solution. Having a hard copy is very and we are going to refer to it again and again during the entire whole duration.
  • Refer a syllabus and analyze the number of questions asked in each subject. As all subjects don’t have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over other. I mean few subject may have more questions asked in exam than others. I don’t have this subject break up for GATE. If you have done this exercise, please share with us to share with many other students and also we can have a discussion over its validity.
  • Refer the syllabus and analyses the number of questions asked in the each subject. As all subjects do not have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over other.
GATE 2018

GATE 2018

  • Make priority  list of subjects based on marks or preference given it in previous exams. Marks distribution of subject will help you prioritize and allocate preparation time to different subjects. If distribution is not prepared we usually end up in a random preparation and finally will have tough time dealing with important subjects.
  • Allocate realistic time for each subject. And read it all, as there is huge to cover and its easy to ask few marks questions from anywhere in the subject.
  • Finish through reading of a chapter of subject, make short notes of important point this will help you at last moment to revise what you have read.
  • Once finish a chapter, go back to GATE question papers, solve the problems from that chapter. These days there lots of question banks available in market for GATE do buy one and practice. Also to try to get Test Series from other friends. Solve all of them. This will help you to assess yourself for level of understanding of the chapter you read.
  • Keep last 15 days of fast and revision. Solve all of them
  • Keep documents related to GATE like, acknowledgment of application, like hall tickets, application number and other details, in a safe place. Give it to mom or someone responsible, who can give that back to you when you need them. This is to avoid last minute tension for obvious things.

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